My House In The Cloud

For Real Estate Agents, Lenders and Homeowners

Store and share documents and house info before, during and after escrow.


  • Create a cloud page for your clients and share documents during escrow.
  • After escrow closes your clients keep their cloud page at no cost.
  • Homeowners can add to their cloud page by storing, uploading and inputting all info related to their house.
  • Your photo and contact info can be imported to their dashboard so they always have your current contact info available.
  • Track your escrows, store all transaction documents and get contingency release notifications. Closed escrows will be archived so you always have access to this information.


  • A free website to store, input, and upload all info relating to your house in one safe and secure location in the cloud.
  • You can have access to your cloud page from anywhere in the world, from any device.
  • Your own agent and lender info can be displayed on your dashboard so you always have their current contact info for future real estate needs and referrals.
  • Share documents with your agent and lender during escrow.

Think of it as a filing cabinet in the cloud.