How does my photo and contact info appear on homeowners dashboards?
You or you homeowner can add your photo and contact info by a simple click of “Add me as your agent” when doing a search in the professional directory.

Can my homeowners have my photo and contact info and not some random agent?
Your homeowners can add you as their agent on their dashboard by clicking on Find Your Agent and adding you to their dashboard with one click. You should remember to tell your homeowners that once they sign up for the site they should add you as their agent to their dashboard. No agent will be displayed unless the homeowner chooses them from the professional directory.

If you set up the page for your homeowner during or after the transaction you can simply import you photo to their dashboard.

Will I always be on my clients or prospects dashboard?
Once you’re added to your client’s page, each time your clients sign in to their cloud page, your photo and contact info will be prominently displayed on their dashboard.

Can there be more than one professional on a homeowners dashboard?
The homeowner dashboard is limited to one real estate agent, one lender, and one insurance agent.


How do I sign up?
You can sign up by clicking on the Sign Up link located at the top of most pages.

Do I have to enter all my information?
No. But you will need to enter a user name, password, and email address.

Is my user name case sensitive?
No. The user name is not case sensitive.

Do homeowners see my email?
Yes. Your homeowners will see your email address so stick to a professional one you use for business.

What do you do with my email? Will it be shared or sold?
No. Your information is never shared or sold.

On the sign up page, what user type am I?
You can choose from the drop down list. Homeowner, Professional, and Vendor are there. If you click on Professional, another drop down will appear asking you what type of professional you are.

Can I really sign up for free?
Yes. It is absolutely free to sign up and be included in the Professional Directory.  No credit card is required.

How do I add my website info and all my contact numbers, photo and bio?
After you sign up, log in with the user name and password you chose at sign up. From the dashboard at the top right, there’s a link to Profile. Click on that and add all your contact info, photo and any social media.

Once I sign up, what do I do?
Once you sign up, you’ll be directed to the Login screen. Simply enter your user name and password to begin using My House In The Cloud.


Do I use my user name or email address to login?
Either one will work.

What if I can’t remember my user name or which email I signed up with?
Go to the login screen. Click on Forgot Your Password? The next page will have you enter your email address. A link will be sent to that email to reset your password.

What if I can’t remember which email I used?
If you enter the incorrect email, you’ll be told that it is an invalid user name or email.

What if I still can’t remember my user name or email?
Go to the Contact Us page and send us your name, city and state. We’ll contact you with the correct email so you can reset your password.


Can I see this dashboard before I sign up?
Yes. Go to the “For Professionals” page. Click on Try Our Demo to login and view the dashboard for professionals.

How can I add my website info, photo, bio, and more contact numbers?
Simply click on View Profile from your Professional Dashboard to add more info and upload your photo.

What is the Homeowner List on my dashboard?
When you create a client page or your clients do, and they add your contact info to their dashboard, your clients info will appear on your Homeowner List.

How can I market myself with My House In The Cloud?
From your Professional Dashboard, click on Marketing Ideas. You’ll find some great ideas for marketing to, and retaining your client base.


What is this Create a Client Page on my dashboard?
You can create a page for your clients by clicking on “Create A Client Page”.

Why would I want to create a page for a client?
You could begin to use this page while in escrow and upload documents for your clients to keep or share. You can add yourself to their Homeowner Dashboard by finding yourself in the Professional Directory and clicking on “Add” from your directory profile.

How do I know what user name to use when I Create A Client Page?
You can choose to use the name of the homeowner as the user name or the address of the home. For example, 123Elm could be the user name you choose.

How do I know what password to choose for my Create A Client Page?
Your client can change the password when they login to their page. If you are setting it up for them, you should choose something that you do routinely like the last name of the client or a certain phrase you use each time.

What is that script on the Create A Client Page?
We have provided a sample script for you to use or edit when you send to your clients or prospects.

Why are there icons for different email programs?
These icons provide you a short cut to your email program.

I’ve created a client page. How do I get into it and add my photo and contact info to their dashboard?
After you create a client page, sign out and sign back in using the clients user name and password for the page you just created. Go to Find Your Agent and follow the search perimeters to find yourself in the directory. You can click on “Add”. Your photo and contact info will automatically populate into your clients dashboard.

What if my clients decide they don’t want a My House In The Cloud Page?
You can delete your clients page from your homeowner list.


What can I expect to see on my Professional Dashboard?
If you go to the “For Professionals” page, click on Try Our Demo. You’ll be able to log in as a professional with the user name and password provided. You can see exactly what a dashboard looks like.

Is this Try a Demo what the free cloud page looks like?

What can I enter into my profile?
You can enter all your contact info like phone numbers, website and social media pages as well as your photo.

What is the benefit of using My House In The Cloud?
Having your info on your clients dashboard will put you front and center for repeat business and referrals.

You can also share all documents with your clients during the escrow process, as well as track all your escrows, upload escrow documents and get contingency release notifications.


What’s the benefit to homeowners?
By being able to store all their info relating to their home, your clients can have access to their important info from any computer, tablet, or mobile device at any time. They’ll never lose their favorite vendors or your contact info because it’s stored in their cloud page.


How secure is this website?
If you look at the address bar, My House In The Cloud begins with https. Https works by transmitting normal http interactions through an encrypted system, so that in theory, the information cannot be accessed by any party other than the client and end server. There are two common types of encryption layers: Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), both of which encode the data records being exchanged.

What other precautions do you have for security?
Go Daddy, a publicly traded company is our host server. We are a member of SiteLock.
SiteLock’s malware scanning checks our website each day for risks. If they find any risks that can’t be automatically repaired, Go Daddy and ourselves are contacted immediately. SiteLock’s network scanning feature checks the ports on our server to make sure only the appropriate ones are open. Daily FTP scanning detects website issues from the inside out as well as from the outside in, to go beyond surface scans, identifying any modifications or defacements made on our website, along with any malicious or suspicious files.