Want to store, input, and upload all info relating to your home in one safe and secure location in the cloud?

  • Stop digging for receipts that are worn and unreadable.
  • Get access to serial numbers without doing yoga to find them on your devices.
  • Quit guessing at paint colors and sheens. Get them right the first time.

Free Unlimited Storage

  • My House In The Cloud is absolutely FREE!
  • All you need to sign up is a pin number from your real estate agent or lender.
  • Sign up online or download the app and start adding your info today.


  • Home info safe and accessible even if your laptop or phone is lost or damaged.
  • Save time searching for your vendors like plumbers, roofers, gutter cleaners, fencing and more.
  • If you decide to refinance your home, the lender will need the paperwork from your purchase or last refi.
  • If you’ve ever been divorced, you’ll need to have your divorce decree for refinancing.
  • Store room colors and sheens so no more wasting time and money trying to match up colors.
  • Access your insurance agent and account number when not at home or in an emergency.
  • Upload photos of valuables for insurance purposes in case of a claim.
  • Saving documents provides easy access when doing taxes.
  • Free up storage space on laptop and mobile devices.
  • Keep RE professionals info easily accessible for potential future real estate transactions.

With My House In The Cloud, you can get that info you’ve stored on any device, from anywhere in the world.

And, there’s no limits on how much you can store.
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