Since 2014, we’ve created a cost effective way for you to stay in front of your buyers, sellers, and prospects. We’ve developed a safe and secure environment where they can store all their info relating to their home online, or on any mobile device with our app. Every time they access their cloud page, your photo and contact info will be prominently displayed on their dashboard.

My House In The Cloud allows you to capture leads and stay front and center while enabling you to interact through your messaging with your homeowners.

As an added bonus, when you sign up as a real estate agent, you can keep track of all your escrows from your dashboard including all parties involved, contingency dates, and upload contract and escrow documents.

Have a Preview

Use the “Contact Us” page and let us know you’d like to see a demo. We’ll email you a user name and password for a real estate agent account and a homeowner account.

Receive Your Unique Pin Number

Sign up and receive your unique pin number via email.
Share that pin with current and future clients and prospects.
Your photo, company logo, and all contact info will be displayed on their dashboard.
You can view who has signed up with your pin number from your dashboard.

Reasonable Pricing

Just $15 per month for you to have unlimited clients and prospects sign up.
There’s no storage charges or anything additional.
If you have 100 people sign up with your pin, you pay $15 per month, not per client.
Homeowners can have unlimited storage on their page.

Add a Message to Your Clients

Log into your profile and add or change any message you might have for your clients.
Add a monthly message or update clients about the current market condition. You decide.
Our system will send an email to your clients letting them know you’ve added a message to their page.

Update your profile information, your photo, or company logo anytime you like. It will automatically change on your clients My House In The Cloud page.

Sharing Your Pin

We’ve made it easy for you to share your pin by creating a business size card where you write in your pin number. Hand it out at open houses, your farm area, parties and social events. It’s a great conversation starter and once the prospect signs up, they’ll have your contact info on their My House In The Cloud page every time they log in.

Flat Fee Just $15 Per Month

For a flat fee of just $15 per month, not per client or prospect, we think it’s a perfect way to stay in touch. And, with the ability to add your own personalized message, it allows you to stay connected, and interact for a minimal investment, or pay for a full year and save $30.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to get immediate answers to your questions. If you’d like to see a demo page, email us using the Contact Us form. We’ll send you a user name and password so you can take a look at a working agent page.

Marketing Ideas

Browse through our marketing ideas. There’s some really good ones you’ll want to use.


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