Review your database of people you’ve met in the past and would like to reconnect with. They could be past neighbors, friends in other cities, or even previous work colleagues. Let them know about My House in the Cloud, where they can have unlimited storage for everything relating to their home. All they need to sign up is your pin number.


My House in the Cloud gives you an opportunity to go through your database of previous clients. You can offer them something of value by referring them to set up their own cloud page. They can sign up with your unique pin. Every time they log in from any device, they will have your photo and contact info prominently displayed on their dashboard.


Include this with your farm area literature. It could be on the postcards you send about the current market conditions or properties sold in their area. Depending on your style of marketing, you could include your unique pin, or have them text or call you to get it.


Include info on My House in the Cloud in your next newsletter. Tell your recipients about the unlimited free storage and the fact that they can store all info relating to their home in one convenient location and access it from any device. You can include your pin number or if you prefer they can contact you to get it.


Make sure you let your prospects and homeowners know that they can share your pin code with family and friends. This makes for great referrals. Every time they sign in to their cloud page, they will see your photo and contact info and any message you’ve set up from your dashboard.


Include one of the cards we’ve designed for you which explains My House in the Cloud to your homeowners and prospects with your pop by gift. Add your unique pin code. You’ll be giving them a place where they can store all info relating to their home which is free for them.Once they sign up, you’ll be able to see their info on your dashboard.


Next time you send just listed, just sold or prospecting postcards, include info about My House in the Cloud. Tell your prospects how you can offer them a free cloud page with unlimited storage.


Mention My House In The Cloud on your Facebook and social media pages. You can offer a great service to prospects with a cloud page and unlimited storage that they can access from anywhere in the world on any device or by using the app.


You can hand out the cards we’ve designed for you to homeowners and prospects. You’ll find that on your dashboard. Once they sign up, you’ll have their info in your homeowner list from your agent dashboard.


New real estate industry professionals are always looking for what to do first. Newbies in the real estate world can go through their contact list and send links to My House In The Cloud to their friends, family, and acquaintances.


If you’re a Real Estate Agent and a Property Manager, you can offer a free cloud page to renters. They can upload their lease agreement, tax, and personal info with unlimited storage. Your photo and contact info will be available on their dashboard when they’re ready to purchase a home.


When you meet people who are currently renting a home or apartment, suggest to them that they can have a free cloud page at My House In The Cloud. They can upload their lease agreement and receipts for anything they’ve done to the property for their records. They could take photos of the property to document the condition. Every time they access their page, they’ll have your photo and contact info available to them. When it’s time for them to buy a home, your info will be front and center.